About Us

SuAnne Shop was created to fulfill the thought that Reiki is so helpful on so many levels.  What if we create products that help those that would not normally know of Reiki receive its support?  We had sent a letter with a gift of socks to a friend and our passion about socks and Reiki and other products began.  As Reiki Masters who facilitate Reiki internationally, we knew we had the knowledge and energetic resources to be able to provide Reiki through the socks and other SuAnne products continuously.  As we watched the world go into such an anxious period in 2020 we knew this was the year we needed to make this happen.  

Science has caught up to what we have always known about Reiki. You'll find Reiki practitioners in hospitals, spas, retreat centers, stores, everywhere. Medical science has realized that Reiki is a valid resource for restoring vitality.  Reiki helps the individual release stress levels, vitality, emotional well being.  Please reach out to us with any questions you might have.  

We offer meditations to engage your mental body.  We offer tangible items to engage your physical body.  We offer Reiki to engage your emotional and spiritual bodies.  

Thank you for coming to our store.  

Reiki Blessings, 

Peggy Zeramby and Jodi Zeramby